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Tax Advice, Legal Advice, Auditing, General Business Consulting

Haas & Haas offers a comprehensive range of services in the areas of law, tax, audit, insolvency/reorganization, and general business consulting. Our services include ongoing legal, tax and general business advice as well as specialist advice on the setting up of companies, restructurings and reorganizations, acquisitions and corporate successions.

We offer support in cross-boarder activities and work closely with local firms when and where necessary enabling us to provide quick and effective advice. A team of highly qualified and specialized attorneys offer top-notch support in insolvency and reorganization law. 

Another key of expertise is ongoing tax advice with our services ranging from the preparation of annual accounts and tax returns to the handling of financial and payroll accounts for our clients. Our clients can also rely on an excellent team of auditors offering support in the auditing of legally required and voluntary annual accounts and consolidated accounts. 

Our services: